melbourne makeup artist

I’m Nita

and I’m a makeup artist in Melbourne

What makes me the happiest is making people feel confident.
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  • I'm a closet hippie- I love all that stuff! Crystals, connecting with nature, shamans, meditation. Just ask me I’m happy to share.

  • I knew I wanted to a makeup artist at 14. I would always do my friend’s makeup with the creative intention of looking older to get into bars! We would spend the whole afternoon getting dressed up. It was a part of the fun and I always said I would have my own makeup business.

  • I’m from New Zealand

  • I first starting reading the tarot and rune stones 17 years ago.


I understand there are a lot of different makeup artists out there - you should choose the one that feels right for you.
I live in Armadale with my partner, I enjoy travelling, road trips exploring the country and the 70’s.

I grew up in New Zealand where I studied makeup artistry and beauty therapy. Here my experience working in the industry flourished and my passion to have my own business took off. My drive to expand & learn more brought me to Australia and I found out what makes me the happiest is making people feel confident, sharing their stories and being a part of the most special days of their life.  

I’m about ‘real’ makeup. I want to help you feel beautiful in your own skin, in those moments that mean the most to you. I want to capture the true you through makeup and I deeply respect your individualism, that is why I welcome everyone.

In the fifteen years that I’ve worked as a makeup artist, I noticed that clients had their own personal definition of what glamour and beauty meant to them. I saw an opportunity for people and makeup artists to be in a supportive community and be comfortable with who they are.

Being new to the scene in Australia, I was looking to establish myself by working with genuine people who respected each other and most of all, could understand that my clients wanted an environment to feel comfortable & safe in.

They wanted to look like themselves. That is why I created The Makeup Artist’s Hustle.

I truly care for the people that work alongside me as well as the clients that I’ve been lucky enough to know in my line of work. I meet so many interesting people and I always look forward to building more genuine connections, it’s one of the perks of the job!

I can offer you a service that understands your specific needs as well as being sensitive to the nature of your circumstances…including those times when you’re struggling to figure out who you are that day (I will always be ready to step in and offer guidance).

That being said, I’m not just all work and no play. There’s no reason why we can’t have some fun along the way and all be ourselves. So don’t be surprised if I manage to get a few laughs out of you. Find out for yourself, get your own quote here.

melbourne makeup artist