melbourne makeup artist

I’m Nita

and I’m a makeup artist in Melbourne

When it comes down to it, we all just want to be ourselves.


  • I'm a closet hippie- I love all that stuff! Crystals, connecting with nature, shamans, meditation. Just ask me I’m happy to share.

  • I knew I wanted to a makeup artist at 14. I would always do my friend’s makeup with the creative intention of looking older to get into bars! We would spend the whole afternoon getting dressed up. It was a part of the fun and I always said I would have my own makeup business.

  • I’m from New Zealand

  • I first starting reading the tarot and rune stones 17 years ago.


I'll let you in on a little secret...



My vision for my business was never clear. Taking the leap from working independently to now having a team of "bad-ass" makeup & hairstylists on board has been a transition, I'll tell ya that. 

To be honest, it hasn't all been smooth sailing, but I always keep going back to why I'm doing this.. 

I left New Zealand with a bag of clothes (the rest in my mother's garage) in the hope of creating a new life for myself. 

My journey hasn't been an easy one moving to a new city, new job.. I knew no one. It was a lonely road but I had felt the pull so clearly. After some time I found that I wasn't being the true me in order to fit in and I didn't want to compromise the real me to live up to a "dream job". 

I then decided to move to Melbourne to give it one last shot, a couple jobs later and I was still unhappy. After months of contemplating I really had to think about what would make me happy. I took the plunge to work for myself. It's frickin' hard work - but at least I know that I am being the real me and when clients come to us they feel exactly the same way. I created the brand to attract clients that want to live in the truth of their own beauty, also for my wonderful colleagues that I admire for the compassion and work ethic they hold themselves in.  

I'm a "bit" of a perfectionist and that's hard when you're running a business but when it comes down to it we all just want to be ourselves, no matter in what form it happens to be. Sometimes the hardest thing is letting go of the perfect in order to reveal the beauty that's really behind it.

melbourne makeup artist