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mother; noun
The person with the ability to detect a lie, hear the smallest noises, and see out of the back of their head.

When mother's day came up, to be honest what sprung to mind was the group of woman around me with their new borns. Do you go from caring about what the latest lipstick colour trend is, to now baby Kelly’s trying her first new foods? Life can get so busy especially when we have such significant changes in our life, whatever that may be.

One common thread for everyone is that self care is paramount. Taking care of yourself from the inside out is important -not only from an energy standpoint but helping you to feel good about yourself. Taking care of yourself is about your embracing your beauty. It is also about having balance in your life because when you take care of yourself, you then have energy to take care of your family as well. Filling up your cup is important for your mental and physical health, and that only comes from you.

Self care can be as simple as taking that long, well-deserved bath. Indulging in an hour where you can delve into the creativity of your art, music, or writing. Or as simple as having a quick skin regime of cleansing along with a gorgeous, moisturising cream.
Remember just communicating that you need some time is OKAY. Whatever it may be, just know that you are also important.

Mothers’ Day is a good time acknowledge if you have that Mum who sacrificed a lot of her time for you.
She was there when you cried your eyes out when Dion never phoned you back. Held your hair back when you were sick after a night at your friends, because you must of got a ‘bug’. And even when you’re thirty still knows when something's up with you.. even though you pretend you’re fine.

This Mothers’s Day make sure you let your Mum know that you still remember.

Our team at TMA Hustle understands that all our family's are different, emotional, and imperfect -hey we won't pretend. What we can tell you is that you deserve to give yourself at least 30 minutes. In that time we can offer you an Express Makeup or Hairstyling service in the comfort of your home or if you're lucky enough your hotel room. So whether it's a lovely mother and daughter day for lunch, let us treat you both special.

We won’t tell, if you hint to your partner that is time for some quality time and send him this link!
We will be right there to make you feel as beautiful as we know you already are. It's our speciality! We will have everything for you the only request is that you have a bottle of sparkling on ice so you can
enjoy your session & relax...

Get in touch with us here to check availability with our friendly makeup artists. Because it's time to celebrate Mother's everywhere and to remind each other that self care is our birthright.


Laura & her Mum
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